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V.A. and Sons combines years of siding installation experience, an excellent reputation, and top quality products to continue to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations for their siding projects. We provide the full range of siding solutions and help you to make an informed decision on what works the best for your needs and budget. We have experience a large selection of the following types of siding solutions: hardiboard siding (fiber cement), red Western cedarwood siding, and stone siding. For a free estimate on siding installation or siding replacement call us or click on the banner below.

Benefits of Residing
There are many reasons why to reside, and you may already have one or more of the following happening now:
  • Defective siding or improper installation of the siding on your home.
  • Prevention or repairs of water damage,  dry rot, or leaks.
  • Satisfy or avoid a repair addendum requirement in a real estate transaction.
  • Detection or prevention of mold or fungal growth.
  • Functionality and aesthetic  look of the siding – style, color, durability.
Wood siding
is very versatile in style and can be used on a wide variety of homes in any color palette desired. Though installation and repair is relatively simple, wood siding requires more maintenance than other popular solutions, requiring treatment every four to nine years depending on the severity of the elements to which it is exposed. Ants and termites are a threat to many types of wood siding, such that extra treatment and maintenance that can significantly increase the cost in some pest-infested areas. Wood is a moderately renewable resource and is biodegradable. However, most paints and stains used to treat wood are not environmentally friendly and can be toxic. Wood siding can provide some minor insulation and structural properties as compared to thinner cladding materials.

Masonry sidings
are varied (brick and stone) and can accommodate a variety of styles—from formal to rustic. Though masonry can be painted or tinted to match many color palettes, it is most suited to neutral earth tones. Masonry has excellent durability (over 100 years), and minimal maintenance is required. The primary drawback to masonry siding is cost. Precipitation can threaten the structure of buildings, so it is important that the siding will be able to withstand the weather conditions in the local region. For regions that receive a lot of rain, such as Oregon, some wood sidings have been known to suffer underlying wood rot problems with excessive moisture exposure. The environmental impact of masonry depends on the type of material used. In general, concrete and concrete based materials are intensive energy materials to produce. However, the long durability and minimal maintenance of masonry sidings mean that less energy is required over the life of the siding.

“Green” Siding

Of course we are not referring to the color, although that might still be the choice of some. We are referring to the benefits of a hardiplank siding. It satisfies the green motives of many homeowners and commercial projects by being sustainable, durable and using less of our natural resources (trees). Specified on LEED® certified buildings such as the Robert Redford Building for the Natural Resources Defense Council, ranked among the highest LEED® rated buildings in America.

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